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TIMEleSS tools

Those are a set of tools written for and during the TIMEleSS project.

The source code for the tools is at The user manuals for each script will be in this wiki.


Go to and click on the green button “clone or download”. Click on “Download ZIP”. After the download is finished, navigate to the “Downloads” folder and unpack the ZIP folder to a directory of your choice.


  • Open the Konsole or any terminal window,
  • navigate to the unpacked TIMEleSS directory,
  • there should be a file called,
  • Type the following to the Konsole: python build,
  • If you get an error, there might be some of the additional libraries still missing,
  • Install the TIMEleSS tools on your system: python install.

List of scripts

This list will get longer over time. At present, you will have access to the following commands

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