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EDF averaging

There are cases in which you want to calculate the mean of two or more EDF images. This can be used if you want to take out one image that has been polluted during data collection, for instance. You will replace the polluted image with the image of the previous and next images.

The scripts timelessAverageEDF, part of the TIMEleSS tools, is meant for such task.

timelessAverageEDF -h

usage: timelessAverageEDF file1 file2 file3

Takes the average between two EDF images Header parameters such as OmegaMin,
OmegaMax, Omega, OmegaPos will be updated accordingly. This is part of the
TIMEleSS project

positional arguments:
  files       Image 1, Image 2, New image name

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
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