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Advanced GrainSpotter indexing: indexing loops

You probably noticed that, after some time, GrainSpotter does not find any new grains. At this point, you should

This process can be combined into advanced indexing loops with a bash script:

  • Here is a first example of custom loop for olivine that will run a series of 25 GrainSpotter indexing with increasing tolerances in 2θ, η, and ω.
  • We also include a second example, based on a NaCoF3 post-perovskite indexing. This second version of the loop is more advanced. You can have multiple indexings running in parallel on a multi-core machine. Some unnecessary output files have also been removed.

Spend time to study the content of these loops to adjust their parameters to your needs. If you have made it so far in the manual, it should be within your reach.

At the end, you will want to analyze and understand the reliability of your final indexings. Plotting grain orientations and comparing the indexings is a good start.

Next, step: Indexing a complex dataset with many phases

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