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Removal of bad images

The removal and exchange of bad images should be one of the first steps in your processing workflow. It is intended to be done once but, however, during the processing it may happen several times that you have to throw out an image which you considered all right in a previous step.

What are bad images and why do they have to be removed?

A bad image is one where you have artefacts which cannot be removed by any software. Frequent examples are:

  • Double-diffraction of a diamond (see Fig. 1): You get diffraction of the diamond itself which is as intense (or even intenser) than the diffraction of your actual data.
  • Shadows from the gaskets during rotation at high angles.

How to remove a bad image

Possibility 1: replacing it by the average of the surrounding images, which can be done using timelessAverageEDF.

Possibility 2: replacing it by an empty image, which can be done with timelessCreateEmptyImage.

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