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Multigrain data processing workflow

Here is an outline of a data processing workflow. This assumes that you already have your data collected. Depending on your objectives, follow the matching track.

Data collection

Usually, the data is collected in synchrotron facilities by stepwise rotating the sample while the detector is acquiring diffraction images. For more information, click here.

Workflow: Training with simulated data

Starting with real data might be complicated if you are a beginner in MGC. Training the actual workflow with simulated data can help you to verify if your workflow is correct. It also makes you familiar with the software. Pitfalls are better visible with artificial data.

But even when you are working with real data, you can compare your results with the outcome of the simulation to prove if they are reasonable.

Click here to train your workflow with a simulated dataset.

Workflow: Find out the phases in your sample and their cell parameters

This step is actually not part of the MGC but a normal Rietveld refinement. However, it is a necessary step for further processing workflows.

Workflow: Getting a list of grains and their orientations

This workflow will provide you with a list of grains, as well as an orientation of each single grain in your sample. Click here when you feel ready to rock


More to come …

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