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Multigrain data processing software

We rely heavily on software written for the fable project. Fable is a collection of packages for multigrain crystallography. Some are still maintained, others have not been touched for 10 years. Recently, a new website was started: FABLE-3DXRD. The idea is to recreate a group of active researcher with software packages that are actually maintained.

There is competition: HEXRD, written and maintained by J. Bernier in the United States. Joel is actively working on HEXRD so one should keep an eye on it.

Packages we use

If something is available on FABLE-3DXRD, you should get it from there. Otherwise, you can download it from fable project.

Here is a list of packages we use. When you click on the links below, you will get additional information on downloading and installing the software.

  • Fabian : to look at diffraction images
  • Imagemath: calculation of median / average / background images
  • Peaksearch: look for peaks (part of ImageD11)
  • ImageD11: experimental parameters refinement, peak assignment, can do grain indexing
  • GrainSpotter: grain indexing
  • FitAllB: second stage refinement
  • PolyXSim: simulation of diffraction data
  • xfab: a python library with crystallographic computations
  • Fable: huge graphical interface, that supposedly includes everything. Sometimes it works, most of the time, it does not (anymore)
  • Specific TIMEleSS tools: a collection of scripts from the TIMEleSS projects, for both pre- and post-processing

Details on each piece of software and when to use them can be seen in the Multigrain data processing workflow page.

Minimal installation

Getting started with a fable-3RDX software set can be hard.

Here is a dedicated page on

Other unrelated but useful packages

  • MTeX: texture analysis, plot of grain orientations
  • MAUD: powder diffraction analysis
  • Dioptas: python-based program for on-the-fly data processing and exploration of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction area detector data.
  • Fit2D: general purpose and specialist 1 and 2 dimensional data analysis program, used on most of the European Synchrotron Research Facility beam-lines and by many other crystallography groups throughout the world.
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