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timelessClearGVEGrains compares peaks in a GVE file with output from a GrainSpotter indexing.

You have to provide (those arguments are required)

  • the name of GrainSpotter output file
  • the name of the G-vector file used for indexing
  • the name of G-vector file to be created, with the peaks that were NOT indexed

In addition, you may add

  • an option to skip grains which create problems (grains assigned with no peak in the GrainSpotter output file)
  • save the list of INDEXED gve's into a separate file.



Error : the following arguments are required: gsfile, oldGVE, newGVE

usage: timelessClearGVEGrains GSFile oldGVE.gve newGVE.gve

Creates a new list of g-vectors, removing g-vectors which have already been
assigned to grains by GrainSpotter This is part of the TIMEleSS project

positional arguments:
  gsfile                Name of GrainSpotter output file (required)
  oldGVE                G-vector file used for indexing (required)
  newGVE                Name of G-vector file to be created (required)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v VERBOSE, --verbose VERBOSE
                        Write out more details about what it does. Default is
                        Default is False
  -s SKIPBOGUS, --skipbogus SKIPBOGUS
                        Skip bogus grains in GrainSpotter output. Default is
                        Default is False
                        Save peaks which were actually indexed. Provide file
                        name. Default is None
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