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File formats

The following list contains the different file formats you may run into while working with the MGC software. Most of them are text files (ASCII-based), some are image files.

  • edf | diffraction images, with a header including the omega angle. Be careful, you might be generating gigabytes of data!
  • tif | diffraction images in TIFF format. Be careful, you might be generating gigabytes of data!
  • flt | peaks, as you would get them from a peak searching routine and that can be loaded in ImageD11.
  • gff | a file containing grain information, 1 grain on each line
  • gve | a list of g-vectors, as you should see them in an experiment. The peaks are transformed into scattering vectors (g-vectors). This file can be used for indexing in either GrainSpotter or ImageD11- index.
  • ini | a sample input file for indexing with GrainSpotter. Using the .gve file is written. It will then be possible to try the GrainSpotter indexing program immediately.
  • ubi | a list of the UBi matrices of the simulated grains. Grain orientations as inv(U*B).
  • ref | reflection files (one per grain) having all the information about the reflections.
  • par | the input parameters for PolyXSim written in the par format of for ImageD11.
  • inp | the input file for PolyXSim.
  • cif | a standard file structure for the archiving and distribution of crystallographic information.
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